What is Crystal Clear?

A revolutionary product that will change how people care for their pool! This uniquely formulated safe chemical mix is designed to clarify swimming pool water.
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Retail Locations

We offer a number of options for you to purchase Crystal Clear Pool Chem! We’re in stores or you can purchase online to get it delivered right to your door!
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Pool Calculator

Make sure you get the right amount of Crystal Clear Pool Chem for your pool with our Pool Gallon Calculator! Just enter the dimensions of your pool and we’ll do the math!
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Contact Us

Our representatives are here to help answer any questions you might have about Crystal Clear Pool Chems! Feel free to either email or call us at your earliest convenience!
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What Our Customers Say

For sparkling, crystal clear water in your swimming pool, use Crystal Clear Pool Chem monthly!

Prevents pool water from turning GREEN

Can be used in salt or chlorine systems. Safe in all pool systems.



Application for approximately 13,000 gallon pool (adjust proportionately).

1. Ensure pool chemicals are used as recommended by pool manufacturer.

2. With pool pump running, pour entire contents of 1 liter bottle into pool skimmer basket.

3. Do not pour directly into pool.

4. Repeat every month.

5. Keep pool surfaces brushed and baskets clean.

6. Add chlorine or salt as recommended by pool manufacturers after three days.